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Hello, I’m Veronica

The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.

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    How was it..?

    Hello👋 Everyone! Hope that you all are fit, fine and enjoying your lives and all the moments whether they are happy or sad, whether they are good or bad, whether there are ups or downs in your lives! So, today I’m here to Share all the happy and sad things of our lives which happened this Year.

    So, the year is going to end Guys! Today I’ll not say that do this or do that because Who am I to judge you or anyone! In fact I think that No one here can judge anyone here because the there’s no Right Or Wrong It’s just a difference in the view points of different people!

    So here you all can share about how was this year to your lives.. Like what you have achieved or What you felt that it went bad to your lives! You can share everything and anything which happened with you this year here so that the other fellow readers can get knowledge about the different things and different aspects of life!

    I hope that this upcoming year may be One Of the Bestest year in your lives and you gey all the Success and Prosperity in your lives which you really deserve in your life! Till then take care of yourself and have a happy ending of this year!

    Thanks, Yaksh.🤗❤

    Always Remember this!💞😊

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    Merry Christmas..💞😊❤

    Hello Everybody👋! So, first of all Sorry to you all because I’m unable to post here daily due to my Examinations. And The next thing is today I want to wish you All ‘Merry Christmas’❤😊. I hope that this Christmas may bring a lot of Happiness, Love, Charm, Success, Prosperity, Growth, Light,Blessings and all the things that you wish for you in your lives.

    I hope That you all May Receive and Give a lot of Christmas Presents from Each other but here, I want to request you all that:- I know that you all will give Gifts to your Loved and Near Ones but this time I want you all to Go and Visit at the Places Where the Children doesn’t have their parents and any other person from their families to wish them and Give gifts to them! So, here I want to tell you that when we will visit their Houses and Gift them it Brings the Smile on their faces which is equal to God’s Gift and Blessings for ourselves too! And we can also visit to the homes and hospitals where some elderly people are there who also need someone’s for Loving and Caring for themselves!

    Other than that, I hope that you all will do so and will bring the smiles on the faces of such people! Till then, Enjoy your Christmas with Full of Good Vibes.

    Once Again Merry Christmas to you all!❤❤😊❤❤

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    Fight for your Rights but..

    Hello 👋 Guys! So, here I’m back with a new and a very important post for all of us. So, First of all, ‘A Very Happy Human Rights Day to you all. ‘ How are you all? Hope that your lives are running smoothly!

    So, here’s a point that I wanted to share with you all that is, Yes! We should always fight for our rights but in that, we must all remember some of the other points also which are our duties when we are fighting for our rights.

    So, (1) Fight for your rights but Respect that of others too.

    (2) Fight for your rights but in a Nice way!

    (3) Fight for your rights but don’t abuse that of others around you.

    (4) Fight for your rights but first of all Understand about what you are actually fighting.

    (5) Fight for your rights but after that You should also become the voice of the poor, disabled and the people who are unable to do so. We should also encourage others about their rights. This is the duty of all the Humans because this is Humanity!

    So, I hope that you all understood about what point I’m saying here. So, Never forget to fight for your rights but also never forget about humanity and at first think Rationally that about that thing we should actually fight or not.

    Bye! Take care of yourself and the others also who are around you😊✌

    Thanks, Yaksh!

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    Our Behaviour Shows..

    Hello 👋 Everyone! So, I’m back again with my new post and that’s about- How we should behave with others. And What impact it has on others. So, guys here the point is that Our Behaviour with others shows how we are and How they are going to be with us.

    So, The Basic point is that when someone comes to our house,area Or even our country it’s how we behave with him/her which shows that how they’ll give reviews to us and will they come again to visit our nation or not! Because they’ll judge the teachings of our parents and about what nice things they had teached us and what we are doing with the other person, it also shows about what nice things we have gained ourselves. For example:- When an outsider comes and visits our country and we greet him/her nicely then they’ll have a nice impact about our religion and will think about visiting our nation again. But in the another case if we will misbehave with him/her then it’ll absolutely have an negative impact of us on them.

    So, Always act in a nice manner with everyone whether the person is big or small, whether the person is a Girl or a Boy, whether a person is white or of black skin colour. Always respect and treat everyone kindly and share positive feelings with everyone so that it will make them also happy and fine.

    So, I hope that you all got the point that, ‘We make our place in the hearts of people by our behaviour only.’

    Stay Happy, Stay Fine and Behave well with everyone! Thanks.😊🤗

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    Give something to Others

    Hello 👋 Everyone! I hope that you all are Happy, Fit and Fine and Enjoying your life. So, today I want to share my thoughts to you a about ‘Giving Something to the Others’. So, today in this world when everyone is trying to get the chance of gaining everything themselves and no one is trying to give something to the society.

    So, Today Is The National Giving Day in India. On this day we all try to give something to the others and specially the Needy people whatever we can. But here the point is that it’s not necessary to give money only but we can offer Food, Clothes, etc to the needy people around us means we can go the Orfanage, we can offer Food to the beggars on the Streets, we can offer Happiness, Kindness and our even our help to the others around us because even a single act of kindness by us can make a lot of difference in others life. We can offer our Clothes to the small kids who need them. Because if we’ll give money only then sometimes they do misuse of it because as we all know it’s their thinking.

    So, I hope that you all got the point which I’m trying to convey to you. So, Give your help, time, happiness and whatever you can. So, do tell me in the comments section about what you did this Giving Day!

    Stay Happy, Stay Kind and Stay Humble!

    Thanks, Yaksh.🤗😊

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The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.

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