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Hello, I’m Yaksh

The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.. Because if it’s Dark it’s always hope in form of Stars😌❤❤😊

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    Happy Doctors Day

    So Hello👋 Welcome you all to my new post! So, I hope that you all are Happy, Fit and Fine and Enjoying each and every moment of your life which really means and a lot to all of us at this present moment!

    So, Today I’m writing this post to admire all the Doctors in our world and Every one of us! So now you’ll ask me why so I’ll tell you but first of all.. A Very Happy Doctors Day to ( Sorry belated as I wanted to publish it two days ago but due to some reasons…) all of you! So, basically the point is that we all work like a doctors in someone’s life by helping them, by listening someone’s talks, by sharing our feelings with someone in need, by giving knowledge, motivation, etc..

    So, I think that we all are doctors in a way and help others but the ones who are the real doctors and save lives of the people on time they are also equal to God who bless us with life! I salute them all🤗❤🙏

    Devoted to All the Doctors and all of you too

    So with this note I’d end this post. Please do share your experiences also about:- How a doctor had helped you and who he/she was..?? I hope that you’d like this and sorry for not posting here I’m not posting because I’m working on my YouTube channel and I’m also starting an Instagram page so that’s why.. I’ll post about it ASAP!

    Take care, Yaksh!❤🤗


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    Happy Women’s day😊

    So, Hello 👋 Everyone! Today’s Post is about International Women’s day and in Respect and Dignity of all Womens in the world! So, First of all A very happy women’s day to all the lovely, charming, kind hearted, sacrificing, beautiful and Elegant women’s of the World💕💕

    You are lovely Daughters,

    You are Helpful Sisters,

    You are Beautiful and Amazing Wives,

    You are Caring and Supporting Mothers,

    You are Best friends who understand things beautifully and give the right suggestions at right time which we need but can’t find it without you,

    You are the Respected and Responsible Citizens,

    You are the Future of this world,

    You are the Ones who care about the world! Without you this whole World is Incomplete! With you Everything is Complete 🤗🌹💯

    You are Sensitive and kind hearted but not Dumb, You are Clever, Sweet and nice!

    You care for everyone but at first you are the most important to all of us and for this you should all care for yourselves too! This is most important thing to do..

    You are All Elegant and The ones who have the courage and Determination to do anything on your own without the support of anything and anybody! You all are powerhouses on your own!🤘🙏

    So, Sorry if I had left anything which you can do and any role which you play because I know that there are Infinite things which you can do but I can’t define it in words! And, here with this note once again A very happy women’s day to All the womens who are reading this post and to all your friends, families, etc.. Take care of yourself and your Feelings too! And I hope that you get all the things which you Dream of and you want to achieve!🤗🌹🌹🥂☺

    Again Thanks For Everything you do for us, to all the Womens and Girls too, because you all are our future!😉😊

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    Healthy habits you must Adopt

    Hello 👋 Everybody! I hope that you all are fit, fine and happy in your lives and first of all really I’m sorry because I really really want to write and share my thoughts here with people but I’m not able due to my fixed routine and works So Sorry for that!

    So here I’m back with a very wonderful and must needed topic as I have interacted with a lot of people these days and have seen the common problem with all of then and even me too! And that’s we all are struggling with our mental states and all want to get out of it and don’t know the perfect things to do!

    So, yes I’m also not so perfect but I have gained some points which I think will help us. So as we all know that if we want a best product then the most important is we have to fill the best raw materials in machine to get the best results! So, in our case also this same thing happens and if we want the best outcomes then it’s all about the information we fill in our minds all day.

    So (1) If we will watch the same daily reality shows negative news and negative opinions of people around us doesn’t matter who they are.. Actually point is that it’s not our task to look about it let them say and let ourselves work that’s it! So firstly we must watch something that not only motivates us for some time but which makes us think and ask right questions to ourselves which will help us to improve ourselves!

    (2) Second thing is we must do something good towards others besides our selfish motives and which gives us real satisfaction.. It doesn’t means in lending money to our friends and relatives etc.. Because it’s not the thing, for example:- We can stop our vehicle for some time if we are travelling and we see some old citizens crossing roads and we can help them! It’s not the point that if we’ll not help the person will not cross he will not be able to cross.. He will do that but it shows out kindness, Generosity!

    (3) This is the point which I personally recommend you all and I also practice it and it had helped me a lot! And that is.. Think about the time when you were at the peak state of your time and then do this.. “Take a deep breath at first and say yourself inside in mind that I’m physically active and then leave it by saying yourself that I’m mentally relaxed..” Because we all know the importance of being physically active and we must do this so that our confidence will boost up and it is also important but it’s most important to be mentally relaxed at that time to do any task perfectly! You can do this 3-4 times a day and which will help our minds in staying calm and relaxed!

    Must Do Thing

    So, here I’d like to end this blog by saying that please do practice the third task and other two also but listen it’s very important to do everyday and hope that this will help you! Please do tell me in comments section about what other suggestions you have for people here and me too!

    Till then Stay Happy, stay connected and Stay relaxed😌😊

    Thanks, Yaksh!

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    Be SMART

    Hello guys! Here I’m back with one more amazing topic for all of us! Actually first of all Sorry to you all for this drought in my posts and I hope that you all are happy, fit and fine and enjoying your life to its fullest!

    So, today I want to share my thoughts with you all about Being SMART! So, before you all think that I’ll tell you about doing your work smartly so I’d tell you that it’s not that and I know that you all are already doing your tasks Smartly but…

    So by saying being smart I want to say making Smart Goals in our life and today I’m here for sharing 5 Things with you all for making Smart Goals and that is:-

    (1) S for Specific:– So, it Our Goals must be Specific like we should not decide goals 5-6 goals and which are endless we must decide a particular task and we should be clear about what we have to do!

    (2) M for Measurable:- Our tasks must be measurable like if we are a student then we must decide that today we are going to complete our 2 chapters in 1 hr!

    (3) A for Achievable:- Our tasks must be achievable like we should not decide that we’ll go to Sun and will stay there for one day because as we all know that it’s not possible! So we must decide things which we can do today!

    (4) R for Relevant:- Our tasks must be relevant like we should always push ourselves towards the right goals which are meaningful to our future but for example if we are 10 years old then we can’t say that we will go from building and jump like spider man because we know that it’s not relevant!

    (5) T for Time Bound:- It’s last point but is very important as when we assign a task or goal we must write the time up to which we have to achieve it. Because when time bound is attached with dreams or goals then they are not just that they are aims and we daily examine up to what stage we have come and how much we want to go more!

    So, I hope that you all understand what I’m trying to say. Please do share your thoughts with me about this helped you or not and if yes then how and which things you follow?Please do let me know in comments!

    If you use Snapchat then Connect with me there! My snap id is:- @Yaksh987 😊

    Thanks, Yaksh!🤗✌

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    How was it..?

    Hello👋 Everyone! Hope that you all are fit, fine and enjoying your lives and all the moments whether they are happy or sad, whether they are good or bad, whether there are ups or downs in your lives! So, today I’m here to Share all the happy and sad things of our lives which happened this Year.

    So, the year is going to end Guys! Today I’ll not say that do this or do that because Who am I to judge you or anyone! In fact I think that No one here can judge anyone here because the there’s no Right Or Wrong It’s just a difference in the view points of different people!

    So here you all can share about how was this year to your lives.. Like what you have achieved or What you felt that it went bad to your lives! You can share everything and anything which happened with you this year here so that the other fellow readers can get knowledge about the different things and different aspects of life!

    I hope that this upcoming year may be One Of the Bestest year in your lives and you gey all the Success and Prosperity in your lives which you really deserve in your life! Till then take care of yourself and have a happy ending of this year!

    Thanks, Yaksh.🤗❤

    Always Remember this!💞😊

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The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.

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