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Hello, I’m Veronica

The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.

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    Respect Your Work

    Hello 👋 Everyone! Welcome to my blog. I hope that you all are Happy, Fit and Fine and all doing your works with Great Pleasure, Determination, Happiness and Enjoyment. So, I’m saying this because today is The National Brand Day in India. So, it comes every year on the Fourth Monday of November month.

    So, Today is that day and this National Brands day is celebrated here to Respect Our Work and Our Profession. Because as we all know that in today’s world people are more serious about their family, health, etc and Yes, they should be I’m not saying that they should not do so but the point is that other than these things they are all distracted from their main work and are wasting their time in watching web series, T. V, mobile games, etc.. So here I’m trying to say that we should respect our work and our career at first means the work which we all are doing right now and the aim which we want to achieve in our lives.

    So, here I’d like to say you that for example, If you are a Doctor then say proudly that Yes, I’m a doctor and I save people’s lives. For ex- If you are a Driver, then say proudly that Yes, I’m a driver and I help people travel from one place to another and drop them to their destiny on time.

    So, here I hope that you all got my point and now you all will respect your profession. Do tell me in the Comments section about What you want to do in your life, if you are chasing some dream and What’s your Profession If you are Doing that and are Felling Proud on it.

    Till then Stay Happy, Stay Safe and Respect your Work.

    Thanks, Yaksh🤗😊


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    Things to Do in Struggle

    Hello 👋 Everyone! I hope that you all are Happy, Fit and Fine. So today I want to share ‘Some things to Do When you are Struggling in life’. Because we all know that in today’s competitive world everyone is struggling for success and we all are trying so hard to achieve new stages and to achieve new things in our lives.

    So here there are some things which I think that are beneficial for us when we are in the struggling phase of our lives. (1) WalkSo, here I would say that try to walk as much as possible because when you walk more there comes more sweat and there is more oxygen cones inside your body so you get more ideas and more solutions. (2) Talk to your Old School Friends and Family members- So in that case talk to your old school friends and family members so you revive more vibes and then you can get any Brainstorming ideas from there. (3) Swimming– You can visit to any Nearby Swimming pool and swim so that in water mind feels refreshed and relaxed.

    So, I hope that this’ll help you all and If you have more suggestions then please do tell me in the comments section. Till then, Take care guys. Stay Happy and Stay Safe!

    Thanks, Yaksh. 😊🙏

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    Avoid the Nonsense things

    Hello 👋 Everyone and Welcome to my blog. First of all, I want to say Sorry to you all for this delay in my blog. Actually there was a function at my College so I was busy with its preparations and some of my Housework. So that’s why I’m late this time but I’ll see that this would never happen again. So, now coming to our topic this time I want to talk to you all to:- Avoid Nonsense the rest of this Year and Join me in my drive of #’Decide to Avoid Nonsense this Nov and Dec ‘. Means that we’ll avoid the nonsense things which doesn’t make any sense with our work and which are not necessary to do.”

    Just For example:- (1) We are in a lift and already one button of a floor is pressed but we are pressing another buttons of that lift just for time pass only and which doesn’t makes any sense. (2) See if we live in an area and we know that we should not spread our Garbage hear and there and we should put it in the Dustbin and throw it in the Garbage Van when it comes but even some people are spreading that here and there just for fun even when they know that due to this there will be no benefit to us but they are just doing it for fun. (3) When you are in a classroom or at office place or any other area and When you see that one of your classmate is very good and sincere at his/her studies or work so then you feel Jealous at that time and you do things like bitching or disturbing him/her so that they lose control and start fighting with you and wasting their time, so this also doesn’t makes any sense.

    So, here I hope that you all understood what point I meant to convey to you all. And I know that you’ll join me with my Drive which is, ‘#Decide to Avoid Nonsense this Nov and Dec. ‘ So please do write this in the comments section if you are with me in avoiding Nonsense the rest of this year.

    Stay Happy and Stay Blessed Guys!

    Thanks, Yaksh.😊🤗

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    Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Celestial – October 25, 2022

    light weds the darkness boundlessly celestial engaging cycles Your Weekly Prompt – Celestial – October 25, 2022 Go where the prompt leads you. It can be any variation of the prompt and/or image.  Publish a post on your own blog that responds to the promotion of this post. Thank you so much to the original blogger. Actually this is not my post but I saw it somewhere and I thought that it’ll be beneficial for you so just I posted it!

    Thanks, Yaksh.🤗❤😊

    Moonwashed Weekly Prompt – Celestial – October 25, 2022

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    First Imagine that -” How you see yourself”

    Hii👋 Everyone! Hope that you all are Fit, Fine and Happy. So, first of all I want you all to, ‘ Just imagine that how you Imagine yourself as a person in your life and where you see yourself after some years in your life? ‘

    So, Let’s take an example that you all know that, (1) The Tallest animal in the Jungle is Giraffe. (2) The Most Heavy animal in the Jungle is Elephant. (3) The Fastest animal of Jungle is Cheetah. (4) The Sharpest animal of the Jungle is said to be Fox.

    So, now if you think that there should be these qualities but it’s not that Because there is one animal, Who do not have any of these qualities and even then he is the King Of the Jungle and he is only ‘The Lion.’ So, once someone asked to lion that tell me that , “Why are you the king of the Jungle even when you don’t have these qualities?” So, the Lion answered that, “I think that I only have one quality in me and that’s I think of myself that I’m the King here and the another point is that I don’t run according to anyone else’s choice..”

    So, I hope that you all understood that what message I wanted to convey to you all. Hope that this’ll help you and if really helped, then do tell me about it.

    Take care of yourself and Be Happy guys!

    Thanks, Yaksh.❤😊

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The sky is not completely dark at night. Were the sky absolutely dark, one would not be able to see the silhouette of an object against the sky.

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